DenverPunk.org is a place to find out about all the great local and touring bands playing in the Denver Metro area.  This concert calendar is created by searching over 50 concert venues, booking agents, local band websites, touring band websites, and emails from local band members.   The site is run and maintained by Kio, who lives in Denver and loves music with a crazy passion.

The site was founded in early 2007 by Kio in the bedroom of her apartment.  Originally started as FreeThinkingYouth.com, the site's purpose was to create an online community for art, essays, and discussions by members of the Denver sub-cultures of punk, ska, and psychobilly.  Throughout an exciting first year, it became apparent that one small feature of the site was creating 99% of the traffic: the concert calendar.  The site was restructured to focus on the calendar, and in early 2011  moved to DenverPunk.org.

Please contact us if you want more info!

Youth Brigade plays at the Marquis Theater in Denver - Oct. 24, 2009